RainViewer is the best weather radar app for your storm tracking and short-term rain forecast.

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KDOX Radar - Single Weather Radar Mode on the RainViewer

Weather Radar

RainViewer relies on the weather radar. It scans the sky frequently to detect raindrops, their position, size, and motion. All these parameters give clear image how intense precipitation is on a specified location, and how they move in the space.

Storm Tracking by RainViewer Free App

Live Weather Map

Thanks to the data from the weather radar around the world, RainViewer builds high-quality precipitation map for 78 countries every 5 minutes. With 250 meters accuracy, you can view exact position of the precipitation and their intensity nearly real-time. The best part is the rain map animation which allows you to see rain zones motion and build your forecast.

Options Screen - RainViewer for iOS

Rain Alarm

For one year RainViewer successfully notifies users about approaching rain, storm or snowstorm. With down-to-minute precision, the application tells you "Rain starts in 37 minutes". Right to your current location! As a bonus, you can set up "In-radius" rain alarm which notifies you if precipitation of the desired intensity exists nearby in assigned radius.

RainViewer: Biggest Weather Radar Coverage on the Market

World Coverage

Our greatest advantage is 78 countries coverage - the biggest on the market. If you have a business trip, or you have a vacation abroad, you will be always prepared for rainy weather almost anywhere in the world.

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Live weather radar map
Hi-def smooth weather radar images
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Many color schemes of weather radar map
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Show snow zones
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Dynamic precipitation map opacity
Different opacity levels
Autoplay animation at launch
Easy to use and setup
Support 32 languages
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