Stands With Ukraine

RainViewer is a Ukrainian Project 🇺🇦

Part of our Team is in Ukraine now, under fire, sheltering from Russian missiles and numerous bombards. We continue to work and develop our project, despite the war. We can’t guarantee the speed of our app updates, responses to technical requests, or bug fixes. Thank you in advance for your understanding!

Our changes

  1. RainViewer does not display any Russian and Belarusian radars. Radar maps and forecasts are no longer available for these countries.
  2. The RainViewer app is not sold in Russia and Belarus.
  3. For developers: the RainViewer API and map no longer support the Russian and Belarusian radars.


On February 24, 2022, Russia did a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This war against Ukraine became the cruelest war in history. The war with no rules, full of military crime, with no mercy to children and women.

Russian army occupied a number of cities, thousands of people and children became hostages. There’s no water, electricity, heating, or food. Russian soldiers don’t give civil people an opportunity to evacuate. People and, most terrible, children, are dying in these cities.

What you can do

The best way to stop Russian aggression, stop the war is to protest. You can go to the main square in your city and use your voice to Protest Against the War. In this way, you call your government to act. They have the power to act and respond to Russian aggression.

You can stop buying any goods or services created in Russia. With every penny you pay to Russian business, you support this war. You can stop doing this.

Share the information among your friends, followers, and on social media #StandWithUkraine. If you need more facts about the war from the inside out of the country, you can contact us directly:

Слава Україні!


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