If translation to your language is missed or some parts of the application are untranslated or mistranslated, you can translate or change translation by yourself and help us to speak your native language correctly.

All of the strings we use located in the CrowdIn system. Anyone can view everything, and anyone can edit or add missed translations. You only need to register in the CrowdIn system and ask us to permit you to be a translator or proofreader for a particular language. Here is the link to the RainViewer project:

CrowdIn system is easy to work. It helps you with a suggestion of translations and even shows you automatic translations by Google and Microsoft which can be used as a good translation most of the time.

Just register and translate. That’s all you need.

If you translated the application entirely into a new language or complete translations to 100%, contact us by the CrowdIn or [email protected], and we will be happy to give you redeem code for free activation of Premium Features in any of RainViewer application!