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О карте осадков и данных метеорологических радаров

The Weather Radar Map Live page shows areas where precipitation is currently expected. A weather radar can determine the precipitation type (rain, snow, hail, etc.) and spot its location. With the help of a weather radar map, it is also possible to predict where the rain will be moving next and how intense it will be. A modern weather radar is mostly a Doppler radar that can detect the motion of rain droplets in addition to the intensity. It is possible to analyze both types of data in order to identify if the storm can cause severe weather.
The precipitation type is marked with different colors on the map. Rain and snow are shown in blue whereas showers are marked with orange and red, and hail - with pink. We are also working on the display of the mix of precipitation types, such as rain, freezing rain, sleet, and/or snow.

Анимация позволит узнать, где был дождь, снег или град, и куда осадки будут двигаться в будущем.

RainViewer has access to the data from more than 1000 weather radars across the world. Having analyzed this data, the app shows the current weather forecast and how the weather will be changing during the day. Thanks to its extensive radar coverage, RainViewer can also generate an accurate weather forecast for the next week.

Ниже можно найти расширенный список стран и регионов, где метеорологические радары предоставляют крайне важную информацию об осадках и опасных погодных явлениях каждый день.

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