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With the access to weather radar equipment in more than 90 countries worldwide, the RainViewer service is the number one choice when it comes to getting a forecast for today in United Kingdom. Based on the meteo radar data, RainViewer displays an online precipitation map and a detailed weather forecast for any location in United Kingdom - London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham, Sheffield, etc. Here’s how it works.

  1. Open the RainViewer app.
  2. A detailed forecast for today will appear after you swipe up. If the rain or snow is expected for today, the app will inform you about it in the upper section of the screen.
  3. A weather forecast for the next 24 hours will be shown below.

قائمة بجميع رادارات الأمطار لـ United Kingdom

UK47Castor Bay
UK43Clee Hill
UK56Cobbacombe Cross
GB2540Dean Hill
UK44Hameldon Hill
UK63High moorsley
UK54Hill of Dudwick
UK59Munduff Hill
UK61Wardon Hill

مصادر البيانات

  • Met Office - Public Weather Service, which is funded by the UK Government (EPSG:4326)
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