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If you plan a trip and want to stay up-to-date with the weather out there, RainViewer will help you to get the most accurate weather forecast for your travel destination. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling within or outside Італія, our meteo radar coverage will allow RainViewer to gather the most necessary data for the forecast. This is because we have access to radars in over 90 countries all over the world. So, to check out a forecast for today, tomorrow, or the week in a location other than your current one, follow these instructions in the RainViewer app:

  1. Swipe up to view the weather forecast for your current location.
  2. Tap “Add”.
  3. In the search field that appears, enter the name of your travel destination or its zip code.
  4. The location will appear below. After you tap it, you will see a forecast and a precipitation map for this area.
  5. Tap “Add to Favorites” below the name of the destination. As a result, it will appear on the main page next to your current location. It is also possible decide if you would like to receive weather alerts for this area in settings.

Усі метеорадари Італія

IYAHBric della Croce
IY54Brindisi (AF)
IY58Capo Caccia (AF)
IY57Decimomannu (AF)
IYACFiumicino (CA)
IY45Fossalon di Grado
IY52Grazzanise (AF)
IY43Istrana (AF)
IYABMilano-Linate (CA)
IYAKMonte Crocione-Lucca (CPD)
IYAOMonte Il Monte - Chieti (CPD)
IYAGMonte Mida
IYALMonte Pettinascura - Cosenza (CPD)
IYANMonte Serano - Perugia (CPD)
IYAMMonte Zoufplan - Udine (CPD)
IY48Pisa (AF)
IY46S. Pietro Capofiume
IYAJSpino d’Adda (OT)

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