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Terms of Use

  • The API is free. RainViewer gets radar data from different websites across the Internet for free. Therefore, we share all this data with everyone for free as well. Use whatever you want.
  • We do not guarantee the availability of radar data. We do not conclude contracts with owners of this data. The reason is that the owners can ask us to remove their data from RainViewer, change the format, or stop sharing the data. We are trying to keep radar data for as long as possible, but sometimes the owners just stop providing the images.
  • You can change any image received by this API without any restrictions (for example, apply a custom color scheme to the images).

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Если вам нравится наш API и вы хотите поддержать его как можно дольше, пожалуйста, поддержите нас на сайте Patreon. Это также предоставит вам больше возможностей, таких как доступ к базе данных метеорологического метеорадар, 60 минут прогноза радарных данных, или собственной цветовой схемы.

Available APIs

Good to Know

We respect privacy. We do not know who uses our free API; we do not log any IP addresses; we do not set any cookies or other tracking tools. Our system only tracks our web server’s performance metrics and internal applications to solve the scaling problems.

We can handle up to 50,000 tile requests per second because of the bandwidth limitation of 5Gbps. However, if you are “The Weather Channel” (just in case :) ), we are still asking you to cache as much data as possible for the past products. The forecast map is updated every 10 minutes, and it is not useful to cache forecast data because it changes entirely every 10 minutes.

Here is the documentation for our Legacy API: past weather radar maps in the simplest JSON structure. We are going to support it for a long time, but please don’t use this API anymore.

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