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RainViewer is a complete weather radar app, with the forecast, rain alerts, and hurricane tracking.

Millions of meteorologists and weather lovers have already chosen RainViewer as their #1 app! Get it for FREE on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android devices.

RainViewer is a universal application to check if it will rain and forecast the weather. RainViewer sends an alert about upcoming rain. RainViewer is an application for viewing rainfall, precipitation and weather forecast by geolocation
Weather radar map in RainViewer app

Plan your day ahead

Track rain, snow, or any storm on the live radar map. RainViewer shows the storm’s path for the last 48 hours and forecasts where it will be moving the next 90 mins. When the rain is about the start, you’ll get a push notification.

All in one app

RainViewer is a new-generation weather app that combines an animated precipitation map and a weather forecast in a single tool.

  • Weather radar map

    Track the storm path and its intensity on the radar map. See how the storm moved for the past 48 hours, its current location, and where it will be moving in the next 90 mins.

  • Precipitation Chart

    View minute-by-minute precipitation chart and rain intensity over the next 2 hours. Available for more than 90 countries.

  • Weather forecast

    See an hourly forecast for the next 48 hours and a daily forecast for the next 14 days. Straightforward and simple, the weather forecast highlights only important data: temperature, conditions, and a chance of rain.

  • Future radar animation

    Get a clear picture of upcoming rain or snow to plan your day with confidence. The future radar animation is based on data from 1200 weather radars in original resolution and uses the latest forecasting techniques.

  • Worldwide coverage

    RainViewer has the biggest weather radar coverage on the market for over 90 countries. It shows a single map of 1200 doppler radars with the possibility to view info about each radar.

  • Favorite locations

    Get weather reports for multiple favorite locations, such as home, office, or a holiday destination. Available for over 90 countries.

  • Rain alerts

    Stay notified when rain or snow is heading to your location. You will get a push notification: “Rain starts in 23 mins and lasts 58 mins”.

  • Precipitation direction arrows

    Know where exactly the precipitation is moving, based on the radar data. Turn on the arrow layer to display storm direction on the map.

  • Storm Tracker

    Know in advance when a tropical storm reaches your area. Track its movement on the radar map. Check its strength, speed, and where it goes next.

  • Radar animation sharing

    Export radar animation in video or gif format for the selected time period. Save it locally on the device or share it on any social media platform.

  • Weather forecast widgets

    Get the latest weather conditions or urgent updates about the storm movement. RainViewer brings it all into focus on your home screen.

  • 48-hour time machine

    Roll back in time to view precipitation data for the previous 48 hours. The archive is available for the composite map and single radar data.

  • Mac Observer logo

    ”RainViewer” 2.0 Update Gives You a Future Radar Map.”

  • The Verge logo

    “It reliably informs me when rain is about to start and shows a chart predicting how heavy the rain will be over the coming hour.”

  • Android Authority

    “This app’s claim to fame, though, is its rain tracking.”

User reviews

RainViewer user reviews
  • Vizael, 01/25/2022Rating stars I'm quite delighted with the forecast accuracy, which is essential for the UK! Push notifications about the rain come just in time.
  • wee. josie, 01/17/2022Rating stars As a disabled man. Living yards away from the shore. To me it’s important to know. If there’s a storm forecast. Or. heavy rain The App. Is a thing I depend on for updated info.
  • wanasak sombunsorapat, 10/21/2021Rating stars Quite accurate and reliable forecast telling the start and end of precipitations which is great for those who rely on rainfalls. Keep going high.
  • James-Wolfe, 01/10/2022Rating stars The app provides more accurate and precise info about weather conditions than weather app. Along with the push notifications about the upcoming rain, rainviewer fits all my needs.
  • Blackbeard248, 12/07/2021Rating stars Great app; it does so much more with local weather and forecast radar— good developer's response to my problem log-in problem.
  • Duncan Stewart, 10/01/2021Rating stars A little enthusiastic sometimes with rain predictions but it's accurate and in the money for radar images, and the one radar app I've kept and not uninstalled
  • Jim Tigs, 11/06/2021Rating stars I must change my feedback once more this is still the best brain app in the app store the issue I was having was with my phone and not this top of the line app one part I really like is the widgets.
  • dashite21, 10/13/2021Rating stars This is the most accurate rain checking app I know. One of my absolute daily drivers in the U.K.!
  • D W, 09/26/2021Rating stars Jeff introduced me to this app and I'm absolutely blown away. Use this multiple times a minute, and still cant get enough 7 stars real rating. Introducing Dylan now.
  • sdkjsd, 07/12/2021Rating stars Rain Alerts like they should be. And the widgets are beautiful and informative. And accurate. Perfect implementation.
  • mark, 05/02/2021Rating stars Been using a long time now. My subscription runs out soon and I will definitely be renewing. Keeps getting better. Keep up the good work.
  • Barry Pearce, 10/15/2020Rating stars Well what a change a developer who listened to the concerns of the users and does something about it! App now not only looks good but works well. Change from 1 star to 5, 10 if I could!
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