• I see the “Last location update” notification from the app. What does it mean?

    Our app has always needed some background activity to properly update the weather information and current location. The “Last location update” notification is a visible identifier of our background activity. It appears after you grant our app long-time access to your location and then turn on the Location Update Notification option in settings. You can disable this option at any time in the app settings. However, please keep in mind that the app won’t be able to update the location in the background when the option is turned off. It is acceptable to turn it off for the days you spend in the same location. But this option helps us get more accurate data about your location (and therefore the weather in your area as thus) when you change your location throughout the day.

  • How do I save/delete a favorite location?

    Saving a favorite location
    To save a favorite location, please go to the weather info page (a star icon at the bottom menu)
    -> tap the Search & Add button (the “plus” button top right corner)
    -> find the location via the search field
    -> tap the location name. A page with the weather info for this location should appear. In the top-right corner of this page, tap Add to save the selected location.

    Deleting a saved favorite location
    To delete the saved location, please go to the location weather info page (a star icon at the bottom menu)
    -> tap the list of your locations at the top-left corner
    -> horizontally swipe the location you want to delete until the red “delete” button appears.

  • I cannot find my city name on the map or the name of my town is misspelled on your map. Why?

    RainViewer is created to process weather data. Unfortunately, we cannot influence cartographic data because we use default maps set by the device’s OS. Meanwhile, if you cannot find the location by its name, you can save it by long-tapping the map in the required area.

  • I want to use my subscription on devices with different OS (Android, iOS) and different store accounts (Google Play, AppStore, Huawei AppGallery). Can I?

    Unfortunately no, sorry. Please kindly note that it is not possible to transfer purchases and subscriptions between different stores (e.g., AppStore and Google Play).

  • I’m a Premium user but after the reinstall, I no longer find any of my premium features and/or start seeing third-party ads. How do I return my subscription privileges?

    If your subscription hasn’t been reactivated automatically after some manipulations, then please try to restore it manually. Follow these steps: Settings - RainViewer Premium - Show all Premium Features, and then tap Restore Purchase at the bottom of the screen. If you have an Android device, just wait a little: RainViewer checks your purchases automatically when you visit this screen. If nothing happens, check whether your device’s main account matches the one you previously made a purchase on. Please note that you cannot transfer purchases and subscriptions between the AppStore and Google Play.

  • RainViewer typically shows the accurate weather data for my location. But today the radar in my region is operating poorly or is offline. Is this RainViewer’s fault?

    Despite the use of weather radar data, we don’t own these radars, so unfortunately we cannot influence their operation. Considering this, we can only collect the data from the mentioned radars, not generate it. You can check whether a radar in your area is working fine today via Menu - Single Radar mode (tap the radar to get more info). If you believe that our app shows the wrong information about the radar’s current state, please write us an email providing the trusted source of information for analysis. Thank you.

  • I look at the weather radar animation layer and see strange circles/figures instead of precipitation for my area. Is there something wrong with my app?

    The app is probably fine. It looks like the weather radar in your area delivers broken data. In most cases, this situation is temporary. The main goal of RainViewer is to collect and process weather radar data in 80+ countries. But unfortunately, we do not own these radars and have no influence on their operation. Considering this, we can only collect the data from the mentioned radars, not generate it. If you believe that our app shows the wrong information about the radar’s current state, please write us an email providing the trusted source of information for analysis.

  • The app either crashes or freezes. Is there anything I can try before contacting support?

    For Android:
    Please try the Clear Data option (Device settings - Apps - RainViewer - Storage - Clear data), then delete the app and install the latest version from the store.
    For iOS:
    Please try to delete the app and install the latest app version from the store.

  • I’m not getting any notifications from the app. Is there anything I can try before contacting support?

    Please make sure that you have granted our app access to send notifications to your device and that the app is allowed to update the device’s location info. Please also make sure that the notifications are turned on for the wanted location (app settings) and that the weather radar in your area is online these days (app settings, Single radar mode, tap the radar for more info).

  • I seem to only get information about heavy rain, but no information about the drizzles, etc. Any suggestions?

    Please try to manage the intensity of precipitation to be displayed (app settings - Radar Overlay - Minimal Precipitation Intensity - the Full Range option).

  • Does RainViewer work well in any region? If no, then how can I check whether it works in my region?

    RainViewer collects and processes data from weather radars in 80+ countries. These radars are not our property, and hence we cannot influence their quantity and quality of work. Not all areas are covered by weather radars. To start working with RainViewer, please verify whether the radar covers your region by going to Settings - Radar Overlay - Coverage. The gray spaces on the map layer show areas that are not covered by weather radars. Therefore, RainViewer cannot provide accurate radar precipitation information here. We can only provide the long-term forecast (24 hrs/7 days) for such areas. If the radar map covers your current location, then please verify that the radar in your area is operating normally today (Menu - Single Radar mode - tap the radar to get more info).

  • Can I use RainViewer with Internet and/or GPS off?

    To work properly, RainViewer should have at least the Internet access. RainViewer’s work is based on collecting and processing data from weather radars in your area. The app should periodically check your location and request radar data for that specific location. RainViewer can work without GPS, but it won’t display your location.

  • What is the difference between weather radar data and weather forecast?

    Weather radars provide past and current info about the movement of precipitation. This is the actual info based on the sky screening as is. Radars typically detect moderate to heavy precipitation with extreme accuracy, though they may sometimes have nuances with the detection of light rain or drizzle. Radar data also allows you to build a short-term (up to 90 mins) accurate precipitation trajectory. A weather forecast is an algorithm that makes predictions for further long-term precipitation movement. Forecasts are based on mathematical formulas and may not always be accurate for the next hour.

  • What’s the difference between the radar and satellite map layers?

    The radar layer can show more details than the satellite layer. Radars can even detect small storm cells, while satellites see precipitation globally all over the Earth. Additionally, radar animation is of higher quality than satellite animation.

  • I see the snow for my location on the main map animation. But there is no snow in the animation when I turn on the Single Radar mode. Why?

    The data for the snow layer comes from the source other than weather radars. Specifically, it comes from the temperature map with its own database and algorithms. That’s why the snow layer is not visible in the Single radar mode. However, it is available in the general animation for the selected location.

  • Which maps does RainViewer use? May I use my own maps in RainViewer?

    RainViewer uses the default system maps (e.g., Google Maps for Android system, Huawei Maps for AppGallery version, and Apple Maps for iOS AppStore version). Unfortunately, you cannot maps other than the default ones for our app.

  • I want to add a location to favorites but I cannot find it via the Locations Search field. What should I do?

    The search engine may not detect some locations. If so, then please add the location manually. To do it, long tap the required place on the map. This action will redirect you to the option of saving your favorite location.

  • The data in radar animation is late for 10-15 mins. How can I fix this?

    The delay may be caused by the long processing period and/or delivery of data from some radars to our server. Weather radars are not our property, so we cannot influence the quality of their work. You can find the exact time of recent radar images in the Single Radar mode.

  • I get precipitation notifications in my area, but nothing happens. Why?

    The radar in your region may be extremely sensitive. Please try to choose the different precipitation intensity to be notified about in app settings.

  • How do I return my money?

    To request a refund for the purchase made less than 30 days ago:
    - for the Google Play app version, please contact our team with your billing details (purchase date, your name, and billing email connected to your Play Store account);
    - for the AppStore and AppGallery app versions, please contact the App Store/AppGallery support directly because do not have refund privileges on those stores according to their policies.

  • I have decided not to pay for the monthly subscription anymore. How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

    You can manage your subscription in your store account. Please note that if you cancel the subscription, you won’t be charged for subsequent months. However, there’s no refund for the months before the cancellation.

  • I purchased RainViewer before the summer of 2020, but now the app wants me to buy it again. Why?

    No worries, your purchase is still active, with the premium features of RainViewer 1. In the summer of 2020, we released a brand new version of the app, RainViewer 2. It contains both the changed subscription plan and new features. The purchase banners relate only to the acquisition of new options. If you aren’t interested in the upgrade, then either skip the banner or tap Skip. For more information, visit our website

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