RainViewer App Features

Instant Hyperlocal Weather Forecasts

Find out what's happening in your area right now and what's coming next with personalized forecasts. Use these weather insights to make informed decisions.

Picture of phone with RainViewer app open showing hourly weather forecast

Advanced Weather Radar and Satellite Maps

Visualize precipitation and cloud coverage with real-time radar and satellite maps. Zoom in and out, switch between different layers, and animate the map to see how the weather evolves.

Images of phones with the RainViewer application open, showing the radar map and satellite map

Customizable Weather Alerts and Notifications

Set up the rain, hurricane, and severe weather alerts for any location. Choose when and how you want to be notified and never miss a weather warning again.

Images of phones that received a notification from the application RainViewer

Severe Weather Alerts

Stay informed about severe weather conditions in your area, such as tornadoes, floods, fires, extreme heat, or snowstorms. View details about hazardous weather from local weather agencies in alerts, forecasts, and on the map.

Screenshot of phone with Severe Weather Alert in app RainViewer

Hurricane Tracking Overlay

Track the path and intensity of any tropical storm or hurricane with RainViewer. See the forecasted track, wind speed, and category of the storm. Stay informed and safe with timely updates and alerts.

Images of phones showing the path of the storm and its information on the map

Single Radar Mode

View weather data from one specific radar station. Take a more detailed and focused look at precipitation areas in your location.

Displaying a single radar on a map in the application RainViewer

Weather Insights at Your Fingertips

Check the weather on the go with RainViewer's lock screen and home screen widgets. Customize the widgets to your liking and get instant access to the weather information you need.

Screenshot of phone with widgets from RainViewer

Apple Watch Support

Enjoy the full-featured RainViewer app on Apple Watch. Get quick and easy access to the weather forecast, radar map, and alerts on your wrist.

Screenshot of an apple Watch with the RainViewer application open, showing the weather forecast and radar map

iOS 17 Features: Fewer Taps and Unlocks, More Weather Magic

As Apple rolled out iOS 17, we proactively introduced innovative features that are fully compatible with Apple's latest operating system. These features streamline weather tracking, saving you from unnecessary taps or screen unlocks.

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iOS 17 Features: Fewer Taps and Unlocks, More Weather Magic

Tailor RainViewer to Your Preferences

Adjust RainViewer's settings to suit your needs. Customize the units, colors, notifications, and weather map options to create a unique user experience.

Image with various settings for the application itself

Premium Features

Get the most out of RainViewer. Enjoy advanced down-to-minute weather forecasts, longer data history, and no ads in the app.

A screen with a list of premium features, in particular the arrows of the direction of the storm

Committed to Excellence

We constantly work on improving and expanding RainViewer features based on user feedback and evolving needs.

Screenshot with feedback form

I've never seen better graphics, colours and delineations and options as this app. With the continual improvements, I'll purchase every year, as long as they keep this quality.


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Hyperlocal weather forecast, advanced radar maps, severe weather alerts, hurricane tracking, and more - download all these features packed in a beautiful, simple, and intuitive interface for free now.

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