Hello! I’m Oleksii Schastlyvyi, founder, and developer of the RainViewer website and applications for iOS and Android.

My lovely wife and two children are my team. Creating websites – from single-page to high-load – is my primary job and passion. Traveling is my inspiration. I share my knowledge for free and believe that each of us can make this world a better place.

RainViewer’s concept

RainViewer should give you a clear answer to any of these questions by providing you with the most accurate map of rainfall based on information from weather radars around the world.

How does it work?

Our technology is continuously searching for new images in radar data sources. When a new picture is found, we download it, process it, reduce any noise levels and then convert it to the correct format. Every 10 minutes a new map is created with the most recent images. The mobile applications and website regularly check for updates, and when a new map is an accessible data is loaded into a unique mobile-optimized format.

Future development

RainViewer is my pet project and I work on it in my spare time. Most of my plans have been implemented, but there is still even more to come. I have devised more than 50 ways to improve and simplify the service, but I have not had enough time to complete all of them. Here are the top three improvements you’ll see soon:

Continual improvement:

Help and Development

If you like the service and would like to help improve it as a marketer, designer, developer, translator or a weather enthusiast, please contact me. Email, Facebook, Twitter