Hello! I’m Oleksii, founder and developer of the RainViewer website and applications for iOS and Android. I have created RainViewer four years ago and still working on it with passion and incredible motivation. My goal is to create the most accurate short-term rain forecast for an exact location.

There is already a technology for that. Almost every country has installed meteorologic equipment (by the way, it is not cheap) called “weather radar” or “rain radar” or “Doppler radar.” It scans the sky and allocates precipitation particles, determines its size and velocity. That magic equipment can easily track even severe weather as tornado or hail. RainViewer receives that data from a variety of weather radar data sources and creates one large and highly accurate precipitation map for the covered areas. This technology gives an opportunity to build outstanding products on top of that information, such as severe weather alerts, rain forecast map, display storm pathways, etc.

Team and Version 2

RainViewer was my project for three years where I did everything myself. Now our team consists of 8 people, only 2 of our team are developers. Everybody works remotely. Our goal is to deliver the next-gen RainViewer this year:

  • Precipitation forecast map based on the radar (+2 hours) and numerical weather prediction model data (+48 hours).
  • Display precipitation direction on the map (better than now is available Android app).
  • Text and graphical representation of the precipitation forecast alongside the current weather conditions for the current location.
  • Reliable notification system which will notify you about the time of start and end of precipitation.
  • Severe weather alerts from the national agencies.

All of these will be available for your current location and multiple custom locations you will be able to add.


If you need any help with RainViewer, have a feature request or know about the unique bug, please, contact us by email or write to us on Facebook.

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