A complete weather radar app, with forecast and rain alerts. Available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android devices.

Plan your day ahead

Effortlessly track your weather on our live RainViewer radar map up to 90 minutes into the future. See where rain and storms in summer or snows in winter are headed and how you’ll be impacted; we’ll even alert you in advance if there’s something headed your way!

All in one app

Gone are the days when you you had to switch between multiple apps, checking to see if it’s going to rain in one, only to move to another to check the weather forecast, RainViewer puts everything at your fingertips in one app!

  • RainViewer’ 2 Update Gives You a Future Radar Map

  • It reliably informs me when rain is about to start and shows a chart predicting how heavy the rain will be over the coming hour.

  • This app’s claim to fame, though, is its rain tracking.


  • Weather radar map

    Track the storm path on the radar map: how it moved for the past 48 hours, where it’s at the moment, and where it will be moving the next 90 minutes.

  • Future radar animation

    RainViewer creates a future radar animation for 1000+ weather radars in original resolution using the latest forecasting techniques. Future radar animation gives you a clear picture of the sky above to plan your day ahead.

  • Weather forecast

    RainViewer provides an hourly forecast for the next 48 hours and a general for the next 14 days. Straightforward and simple, it highlights important data only.

  • Precipitation Chart

    Shows the intensity of precipitation over the next two hours in your area. Available for more than 90 countries.

  • Rain alerts

    Every time rain or snow is heading to your location, you will get a rain alert: "Rain starts in 23 mins and lasts 58 mins". You can set up instant or in-radius notifications to be ready for rain.

  • Favorite locations

    Get weather reports for multiple locations: home, office, holiday destination or business trip. RainViewer’s weather reports are available for 90 countries.

  • Worldwide coverage

    RainViewer has the biggest weather radar coverage in the market and available for 90 countries. It shows a single map of all 1000+ doppler radars with the possibility to view info about every radar on the map.

  • 48-hour archive

    You can roll back in time to view precipitation data for the previous 48 hours of the composite map, and a single radar data.

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