Single Radar Data API

Purpose and Description

The data archive of sources as well as processed and geofenced weather radar files for the last 48 hours. Processed data black and white color scheme. Useful to show a single radar image on the website or create your composite map or nowcast products.

How to Use

The directory name is a radar identifier in RainViewer. Each directory of a specific radar contains a radar source and processed images sorted by time.

File EndingDescription
0_source.(png|gif|jpeg|jpg|nc|h5)Weather radar source images.
0_source.urlLink to the original image location.
1_bw_raw.pngClean radar image without watermarks, ground maps, and legends. Source image colors are converted to black and white gamma.
1_bw.pngBlack and white reflectivity map with applied noise reduction algorithms in the original image projection (do not try to use for Google Maps).
2_map.pngBlack and white reflectivity in the Web Mercator projection (EPSG:3857). Can be placed directly as an overlay in Google Maps, Open Street Maps, or any other web map.
2_map.wldWorld file which describes the *2_map.png image placement on the map. Uses the Web Mercator (EPSG:3857) projection.


Will be available soon.

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