It is quite easy to convert a PNG + WLD file to GeoTIFF with the gdal_translate command. Put the *2_map.png and *2_map.wld files of any radar image into the same directory and use this command:

gdal_translate -co compress=lzw -of Gtiff -a_srs EPSG:3857 {source_image} {output_image}


  • {source_image} - name of the radar image in PNG format (example: MXAC_20191111_092600_2_map.png). It is important to have a WLD file (MXAC_20191111_092600_2_map.wld) in the same directory with the same name. Without a WLD file, the image not be geofenced correctly.
  • {output_image} - name of the output GeoTIFF file with the “tif” or “tiff” extension.


First, download example files archive. Then, run the commands that we explained earlier. You should get similar output from that two commands: gdal_translate, which is geofence of the radar PNG image, and gdainfo, which shows the information in a geofenced image. It is important to have both PNG and WLD files of an image in the same directory with the same name.

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