Contribute to RainViewer API

Contribute to RainViewer API

RainViewer started as a small project and grew out into a service that provides a single map with over 1000 weather radars. All the data coming from the radars, RainViewer displays on the map: rain and snow animation, precipitation intensity, storm path. This makes it super convenient to observe and monitor doppler radar animations over the world. RainViewer map has the biggest radar coverage in the market, which means you won’t find a map with over 1000 rain radars in open access.

For years RainViewer API and map were free of charge and, of course, continue to be free. We saw over 100 weather web portals and more than 50 weather apps using RainViewer map or API to provide information about the rain to their end-users during these years.

We’ve been asked numerous times about the possibility of donating or contribute to our service. API support requires additional resources, time, and investment. Our goal is to continue delivering a high-quality product. Therefore, we created a possibility for you to make a donation to RainViewer on Patreon:

What does it mean? If you’re using RainViewer API for a commercial project, you’re welcome to donate a small part of your revenue to support RainViewer API on Patreon to keep it free and open to everyone. If you are a non-profit project using RainViewer API or embedded map, you are more than welcome to support the RainViewer project by spreading the word about it on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat.

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