Below are some useful links about weather radars, including how it works, how information can be processed, different radar databases and software for processing radar data and types of precipitations. Also, visit our Sources page which has tons of radar links we found.

General Information

Weather Radar Databases

Technical Information

  • - Utilities for work with geospatial data of raster or vector images
  • Map Projection Reference - Projections are grouped by use, and ordered roughly chronologically by type.
  • - Projection finder (try 'utm wgs Norway')
  • QGIS Tutorial and Tips - Georeferencing Aerial Imagery
  • - Open Source platform for publishing spatial data and interactive mapping applications to the web
  • Py-ART - A module containing a collection of weather radar algorithms and utilities
  • - An Open Source Library for Weather Radar Data Processing
  • BALTRAD - Community-based weather radar networking
  • MyGeodata - Coordinate system transformation of value pairs on-line (cs2cs)
  • Openradar on GitHub - Weather radar software community

Weather Data Sources

Weather Radar Manufacturers

  • Gamic - The creator of meteorological data processing systems for Weather Radar since 1988 and complete X-band Doppler Weather Radar systems since 2012.
  • Vaisala - One of the biggest companies who produce high-quality meteorological products.

Radar aggregators

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