Open Letter for Weather Radar Data Owners

Dear Sirs,

I’m Oleksii, owner, and creator of the the world weather radar service which gathers all available weather radar images over the internet and merges it into one big composite map.

The main idea of the RainViewer is the popularization and sharing important data from the weather radars. Our map and separate processed radar images available for free. Anyone can use our map, processed pictures, and our data servers without any hesitation, question, or blocking even in a separate application or website. Radar images help to a massive community of hobby meteorologists to learn, to grow and to warn people about the severe weather.

If you’re the owner of radar data, we kindly ask you to keep the radar data open and accessible as long as possible in any format. Access to the radar information will allow us to provide free of charge radar data to a variate amount of people around the world, easily accessible, without the heavy load for your servers.

Also, we can help you to improve your website, build the lightweight, fast and easy to use map with the composite or single radar images, integrate well-looking zoomable radar map into your app, create your color scheme and serve the radar images from our servers to your applications entirely for free. We can do that because we believe that any knowledge should be available for everyone for free nowadays. By having the same knowledge and the natural competition, we can grow and improve ourselves as fast as we can.

Thank you from the weather radar lovers community for all your work you’re doing for the meteorology every day.


Oleksii Schastlyvyi, RainViewer Team

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