iOS 17 Features: Fewer Taps and Unlocks, More Weather Magic

As Apple rolled out iOS 17, we proactively introduced innovative features that are fully compatible with Apple's latest operating system. These features streamline weather tracking, saving you from unnecessary taps or screen unlocks. Track the rain or snow in real time without unlocking your phone or getting distracted. Easily switch between valuable weather insights on interactive widgets. Conveniently get weather updates from the most essential features - forecast and map - on a single screen. Watch the video for a quick overview of what you can get with RainViewer in iOS 17.

Live Activity: Your Virtual Umbrella

Picture this: you're suddenly caught in the rain, and you're eager to know when it'll stop. But wait – your hands are wet, and it seems impossible to unlock your phone. That's where RainViewer changes the game. Now you can stay ahead of the rain or snow even when your phone is locked. Watch the live precipitation chart and see how much time is left before the sky is clear again.

Compact Live Activity: A Window to the Sky

Tired of push notifications but still want those crucial updates about rainy weather? With RainViewer’s compact Live Activity, you no longer need to launch the app or look out of the window. Monitor rain or snowfall on your device while you focus on your tasks. Know when the precipitation ends so you can step outside and enjoy a breath of fresh air.

StandBy Mode: Wake Up and See the Rain

How to wake up and see the rain without looking out the window? StandBy mode is the answer. Activate it before bedtime while charging your device and turn your screen into a full-screen precipitation chart with real-time, minute-by-minute updates. It counts down to the end of the rain or snow, ensuring you wake up to a weather update in front of your eyes.

Compact Interactive Widget: Get Ready for Outdoor Adventures

Heading to the beach with kids and uncertain about sunscreen? Preparing for an outdoor workout and want fresh, dry air? Our handy interactive widget is there for you. Quickly switch between weather details like UV index, AQI, humidity, and more with a single touch. Now you can plan your day with confidence!

Multi-Location Widgets: Stay Informed, No Matter Where You Go

Don't let unexpected rain ruin your road trip – we've got you covered. Have multiple travel destinations in mind? No worries - switching between locations is now easy with our interactive widget. Check the weather for the next hours or the entire week in all locations without opening the app!

Weather & Map: A Perfect Blend

In the RainViewer app, the weather and map are on separate screens. Our innovative widget unites these two essential features on one screen, enhancing your forecast with live radar maps to track precipitation's path. But wait, there's more! With just a tap, you can seamlessly dive into the RainViewer app for in-depth details.

Weather & Map, Side by Side, XL Size

Our large-scale widget offers a double benefit: it displays the weather forecasts and radar map side by side. Tap the widget to either get a detailed forecast or play map animation in the RainViewer app


Now, instead of just seeing the temperature or one graph or whatever, apps like RainViewer let you tap to switch from temperature to precipitation and more, all on the homescreen.

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Let’s Unfold Your Digital Umbrella

Fewer taps and unlocks, more weather magic! Watch the raindrops fall in real time on your lock screen and Dynamic Island. Wake up to refreshing weather updates on StandBy. Flexibly adjust outdoor plans at beloved destinations with minimum distraction. Discover weather and maps in a new format - side by side and in two sizes. Download RainViewer for iOS 17 - your digital umbrella.

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