Weather Radar with Live Map for Sint Maarten

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With the RainViewer service, weather conditions such as rain or snow will not ruin your plans for the day in Sint Maarten. The app uses the meteo radar data to send you timely notifications about the upcoming precipitation in your location. The weather forecast app also lets you learn how long the rain or snow will last and how intense it will be. To activate the notifications in the RainViewer weather map settings, do the following:

  1. Under “Map Customization”, tap “Notifications”.
  2. Turn on “Precipitation Alerts”.
  3. Select the notification timeframe, such as 30 minutes or 90 minutes, and the minimum precipitation intensity, such as light, moderate, or heavy.
  4. Specify if you want to receive alerts for the radius around your locations.
  5. You can also define the time period during which RainViewer should not send you the alerts and customize the alerts for each location individually.

List with all Sint Maarten rain radars

SX3035Juliana Airport

Data sources

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