Black Friday Around the World

Black Friday Around the World

November is all about the shopping season and the biggest revenue of the year for product companies. Highly promoted Black Friday and Cyber Mondays sales started in the US in mid-2020. During the last 20 years, they’ve got a massive spread and become popular all over the world.

The holiday season is a great time to localize and promote your business in different countries. However, while some countries use the same etymology, others prefer their own name for the ‘Black Friday’ sale and might even be dated because of historical or traditional influence.

XXL day (French: Jour XXL)
Discounted shopping promotions are also postponed for a week and begin on December 4.

Singles’ Day or Double 11 (simplified Chinese: 光棍节; traditional Chinese: 光棍節) is celebrated on November 11.

The Good Weekend (Spanish: El Buen Fin) is celebrated on the third Monday of November and extends up to the weekend.

Middle East, including U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia
White Friday Sale or Yellow Friday Sale (Arabic: تخفيضات الجمعة البيضاء)

Black Fraud (Brazilian Portuguese: Black Fraude or Black Furadei), which means a profitable offer “half of the double”.

Black Week (German: Schwarze Woche), which usually takes the entire week.

Despite the exact dates for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, in many countries, online shops and retail discounts start significantly earlier. Every year we observe a shift of several days. Presumably, we’re moving to Black Week during which shops will be offering the highest discounts of the year.

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